lunedì 21 marzo 2016

@al fano: secondo em questo bebo moroni cia' la faccia da terronista

Bebo Moroni

Direttore Editoriale at
Roma, Italia
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  1. Planet Gourmet,
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Percorso professionale e accademico


Direttore Editoriale

Planet Gourmet
– presente (4 anni 6 mesi)Milano-Roma-Pesaro-London

Direttore Editoriale
– presente (13 anni 3 mesi)Roma-Napoli-Milano-London-S.Francisco-Shangai-Buenos Aires
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Editor & Publisher
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    1. Bruno Uccello
      Bruno Uccello
      Bruno is an extraordinary kind of intellectual-business an tecnology manager, deep culture, great human skills, and an extraordinary ability of vision. To work with him, is so pleasant as useful.
      26 giugno 2013, Bebo ha lavorato direttamente con Bruno presso Channel Management
    2. Francesco Sorino
      Francesco Sorino
      Technical editor and R&D
      Francesco ins an extraordinary speaker and loudspeaker design and an able and kind team leader. My job with him has been pleasant and full of satisfactions.
      28 gennaio 2012, Bebo ha lavorato direttamente con Francesco presso technimedia
    3. Francesco Sorino
      Francesco Sorino
      Sales & Marketing Manager
      Francesco is an extraordinary speakers design and a very god manager. It's kindness and cooperation ability makes him one of the most effective people to work with
      24 novembre 2011, Bebo è stato superiore di Francesco presso E.S.B. SpA - ARPA srl